Pizza Muffin Recipe with My Little Sous-Chef

We are happy to let everyone now that after a successful crowdfunding campaign My Little Sous-Chef's gorgeous tandem cookbook will be soon available!

The project consists of two separate cookbooks, one for kids and one for parents.

The kids' version is accompanied with beautiful and clear instructions that children can follow easily. It is a perfect Montessori choice for children age 5-12:  they will be able to prepare complex meals independently by following the instructions step by step and looking at the pictures. Cool, isn't it?

The parent's version is appealing to the whole family and will present a selection of simple, quick and yummy recipes with some more detailed instructions. 

Make sure you try this Pizza Muffin recipe that the team at My Little Sous-Chef has shared with us: it is really delicious, easy to set up and incredibly fun to prepare with your little one! 

We're looking forward to selling My Little Sous-chef paperback on Montessori Pack when it becomes available: until then, you can purchase the ebook version on Amazon here: Adult's book  and Kids's book. Have fun!



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