About us

“Education is a natural process spontaneously carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words but by experiences upon the environment"

Maria Montessori

What an incredible discovery, isn’t it? As keen Montessorians we’ve always put experience first and looked for effective and yet fun ways to help children develop practical life skills. We think we could all agree -not just Montessorians - that for toddlers and young children everyday life skills are a great stepping stone for further learning.

One of the best way to introduce practical skills to children is through letting them experience the kitchen environment. Children usually like “helping” out in the kitchen and it’s beneficial for them to experiment with their own tools and see how food is made. According to a research done by the University of Alberta in 2012 children who help cook at home are more likely to enjoy fruits and veggies than kids who don't cook. The best way to get your child to eat healthier foods -- and actually enjoy them -- is to have them help with meal preparation. Interesting, isn’t it?

Since we realised that there isn’t a large variety of products in the market available for young children to use in the kitchen, we decided to provide you with a few useful and fun conventional and unconventional tools to choose from. 

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